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hi everyone! now that i’ve graduated college (YAYYYY!!!), it’s time to prepare for convention season

this year, i’ll be attending ACEN (exhibit/dealer’s hall), FANIME (artist’s alley), and AX (exhibit/dealer’s hall)

if you are attending any of these conventions, let me know what you would like me to bring!! (you can reply to this post or send me a message)

summer line will not be released in time for ACEN and FANIME, but i will have some new clothing in stock for AX! i will also have a new limited edition OMOCAT ARTBOOK and really ghetto laptop setup where you can try out the demo of my new game, OMORI (kickstarter will be launching in the next few days)

anyway, i’ll have posters, prints, clothing, and buttons for the most part, a free OMOCAT sticker with every purchase and a free OMOCAT apparel catalog with every crewneck purchase. i will also most likely not have all my poster work on display, but i will make binders so you can flip through!

it’s difficult to transport so many items and i don’t want to overstock or understock, so i would really appreciate any input!

for FANIME, i’ll have a very limited space because i will only have an artist’s alley booth, so if you would like to purchase something specific at that convention, please let me know!!